CryptoRisingNews is the combined effort of several friends who share an interest in Cryptomarkets and investing in cryptocurrency. We believe crypto holds the biggest potential return on investment for anyone interested in growing their money quickly and without too much effort.

With that said, it’s hard to get real information about old and new coins, especially with so much shill activity around newer ICOs. CryptoRisingNews is your source for truthful, current and unbiased news on every cryptocurrency. From the ubiquitous Bitcoin, well known Ethereum and popular names such as Ripple,Monero and Dash, to the newest independent coins and tokens, we have verified news and tips to help you make smart deciscions quickly.

We have several decades of combined experience between us in all aspects of tech, computing, gaming, software, social networks and of course fintech. We aim to give our readers lightning fast breaking news they can trust, in an easy-understand format.


Alan – I’m a software dev, who has been lucky enough to get into blockchain tech at the start. I saw the potential for Bitcoin at it’s inception, and while I do hold some in my portfolio I made a killing on Ethereum. I look for the underdog coins with good backing and my mission is to help you find the worthy ones amid the cryptocoin “noise”. –

Tobias(token) – I’m passionate about truth in the online world.. having inadvertently dabbled with blackhat stuff years ago, I realized just how much fake information is out there and I want that to change. I source much of our news concerning upcoming ICOs and newer altcoins and I do multiple checks for accuracy. I’m proud to say we don’t shill worthless altcoins here!

Karl – I work as a freelance promoter for financial start-ups and have a lot of insider knowledge as to good practices. I can see what’s gonna work, and which coins are duds. I like to investi tech, and especially cryptomarkets because it feels like a safe form of gambling. So far, I’ve always made sound choices with lesser known coins. I know how to avoid flashy scams and I realise a lot of people get suckered in. Follow us at CryptoRisingNews and you will get actionable cryptomarket news as fast as I can code it in, which is pretty damn quick 😉